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.: Projects :.

-During the last months i have been working in our new and improved studio, with an Apple iMac and Logic 8, which is superb i must say...!

-As sort of a test i just finished a Remix of David Guetta's new hit 'Delirious'.. I am entering a remix contest from a dutch radio channel called Radio 538, a popular Dance Station.
Mine is an electro-ish progressive remix... With supreme sound-quality.. I am really curious if Mr. Guetta likes it as much as the people i played it for up to now.. ;o) Hope to have more news about that soon..!

-What else is keeping us busy..? We are working on a 2008 remix of XTC-Love, with updated hardstyle hook and harder kick.. And i am busy discovering new sounds and production techniques, so we can make even better music in the future..!

Keep your eyes and ears open for new productions in the future, we promise whatever style comes out of this studio, it will rock..!!

See ya...


Past Projects :

Limburgh Allstars :

This is a special project I have been working on, THE COMING OF LIMBURGH..!!
It is a Project from the mind of Dick Evers, Creator of Succes...! (Owner of DEDT , interior designer according to Fengshui) It's a song dedicated and user for the promotion of our provence, LIMBURGH..!

Produced by Erick van Rijswick, Co-Produced by Samir Aitmoh & Peter Joosten
Vocals by Dick Evers & Paddy Langan
Guitar Solo by Tasilo Pieck
Violin by Martine Wijers
Recorded @ Technosis Studios

Limburgh Allstars

"!!! Stank Op !!!"
REL. DATE Nov. 2007  
MEDIUM : Cds / Internet / TV  
LABEL : TBC www.limburgh.com
REMIXED BY: Erick de Wit  

The Sixth Sense :
(Erick van Rijswick and Peter Joosten)

Steve Hill vs. Sixth Sense
feat. Mallorca Lee

"The Energy"(STRAX-011)
REL. DATE 24th of March 2008  
MEDIUM : Vinyl, 12"  
LABEL : S-Trax 011 http://www.djstevehill.com
REMIXED BY: Dark By Design  
COMPILATIONS : Steve Hill Masif Hardtrance Anthems Vol. 1